145. Crystal Rasmussen - The heart of drag

Sofie talks to Crystal Rasmussen/Tom Glitter about their memoir Diary of a Drag Queen, class, bodies, being a drag queen, coming out as gay, then queer, then non-binary, internalised structures, taking their parents to the theatre, having a Danish last name and Christina Aguilera’s Beautiful video.

Trigger warning – homophobia, transmisogyny, street harassment, being attacked, assault, misgendering, violence, bodies, weight loss, body image, trauma

144. Charlie Craggs - Normal’s a dirty word

Sofie talks to Charlie Craggs about travelling round the UK with a portable nail salon talking to people about trans rights, surviving school, grieving her best friend who was killed in Grenfell, and putting together To My Trans Sisters; a book of letters by successful trans women.

Trigger warning – Bullying, PTSD, transphobia (including slurs), homophobia, therapy, trauma, death, bereavement, depression, Grenfell, harassment, femmephobia, suicidal ideation, murders, hate crimes, oppression, misgendering, surgery, gender dysphoria, genitals, transitioning, slutshaming, Catholicism, alcohol, OCD

143. Bear - I could kill you with my thighs

Sofie talks to Bear about pets, multiple personalities, navigating mental health diagnosis and services, using a private instagram as a diary, being a black fat sex worker, unusual fetishes, body domming, practicing acceptance, not voting, nihilism and what they want in their sandwich.

Trigger warning – Suicide, OCD, bipolar, manic depression, PTSD, Borderline Personality Disorder, sex, racism, festishisation, mental health issues, therapy, schizophrenia, medications, multiple personalities, alcohol, dissociative amnesia, trauma, fatphobia, dieting, sex work, BDSM, bullying, Brexit, Trump, doctors, dentists.

142. Lou Conran - I think I am a warrior

Sofie talks to Lou Conran about telling personal stories, being in the present, listening to your body, performing comedy at a baby loss awards ceremony, searching for her voice, being bullied at school, roast dinners, dying on stage, resilience and not mixing sweet and savory.

Trigger warning – bereavement, losing a baby, loss, mental health issues, alcohol, dead babies, PTSD, flashbacks, therapy, bullying, meat eating, weight loss, hypnosis, body issues, diets, social anxiety

141. Harriet Dyer - We’re all the weirdos on the bus

Sofie talks to Harriet Dyer about making comedy from mental health issues, childhood abuse, bereavement, being bipolar, creating community, (literally) thinking she was Kat Slater from Eastenders, establishing boundaries, having a lovely homelife and sea-monkeys.

Trigger warning (Please note some of the language is visceral and descriptive) – child sexual abuse, rape, kidnapping, violence against children, drug use, death, alcohol use, dentist, suicide, bereavement, suicidal ideation, addiction, death, sectioning, medication, bipolar, violence against pets, stalking, mental health issues, abuse, gaslighting, sex.

140. Amy Gledhill - Beautifully joyfully silly

Sofie talks to Amy Gledhill about having a sunny disposition, comedy, Hull, gallows humour, feeling like you’ve gotten away with it, walking to Lady Gaga, having a happy childhood, men/love/sex, failure, mice living in her bed, Ikea furniture, getting more scared as you grow older and escaped snakes.

Trigger warning – breakdowns, therapy, trauma, sex, bullying, street harassment. snakes, mice, drugs, death, bereavement, #metoo, sexual harassment

139. Da’Shaun Harrison - The loud mouth radicals

Sofie talks to Da’Shaun Harrison about being a community organiser, growing up in North Carolina in poverty, being a music geek, structural violence, the murder of Mike Brown, Black Lives Matter, AUC Shut It Down, coming to understand themself as non binary and queer, and  finding joy and comfort in their queer family.

Trigger warning – poverty, racism, physical and emotional abuse, intimate partner violence, police/state violence, murder, police brutality, suicide, bereavement, religion, trauma

138. Glamrou - Turning trauma into glitter

Sofie talks to Glamrou/Amrou Al-Kadhi about queer identity, muslim identity, race, being non-binary, forgiving their mother, going to Eton on a scholarship, queer readings of the Quran, Sufism, sex parties, marine biology, making the NB podcast and writing their book Unicorn: the memoir of a muslim drag queen.

Trigger warning – racism, shootings, queerphobia, OCD, homophobia, rape, violence, religion, islamophobia, sex, shame, gender dysphoria

137. Smashlyn Monroe - I know I can take my clothes off: win!

Sofie talks to Smashlyn Monroe about performing sideshow, childhood trauma, how she got her name, tattoos, piercings, imposter syndrome, being queer, growing up in Foster care, how muggle jobs react to her look and believing Freddy Mercury was her dad.

Trigger warning – ableism, “freak” show, bereavement, death, sexuality, therapy, trauma, abuse, fatphobia, depression, violence

136. Bethany Rutter #2 - Thorny difficultness of being fat

Sofie talks to Bethany Rutter about designing clothes, writing books, being a fat teenager, emotional rejection, sharing information about bad dates, sewing, privilege, fat representation, living in the golden age of plus sized fashion and her novel No Big Deal.

Trigger warning – OCD, fatphobia, anxiety, stigma, humiliation, sex, weight loss  

135. Your Fat Friend - This feels terrifyingly vulnerable - Part 2

In part two of a two part conversation Sofie talks to Your Fat Friend about interacting with thin people, strategies for social change, troll storms, dating while fat, internalised anti-fatness, the upsides of being a fat person, the fat community, vulnerability and fat representation.

Trigger warning – childhood trauma, street harassment, bullying, suicide, fatphobia, street harassment, shame, the diet/weight loss industry, street harassment

134. Your Fat Friend - Most thin people won’t listen to fat people - Part 1

In part one of a two part conversation Sofie talks to Your Fat Friend about being an anonymous essayist and very fat person online, being both invisible and hypervisible, anti-fat culture, fat activism, different cultural attitudes to fat people, navigating thin fragility and the body positivity movement.

Trigger warning – violence, murder, online abuse, menstruation, death threats, rape threats, doxxing, stalking, the diet/weight loss industry, death, fatphobia, eating disorders

133. Stewart Lee - We’ll only go if you throw glass

Sofie talks to Stewart Lee about 30 years of stand-up comedy, being a parent, reckless behavior, the character of Stewart Lee, having a different childhood to the one people imagine, clown theory, obscure 70’s musicians, not being recognised and being described as the greatest living comedian.

Trigger warning – violence, being mugged, mental health issues, death threats, adoption, divorce

132. Jamie Windust - I’m a massive naysayer to traditional authority

Sofie talks to Jamie Windust about modeling, writing, crafting their look, being called brave, gender identity, queerness, coming out as non-binary, navigating public space when you’re gender nonconforming, giving talks, being funny and getting their haircut.

Trigger warning – sex, scat, harassment, assault, microaggressions

131. Sara Barron - We do shitty things

Sofie talks to Sara Barron about stand-up comedy, navigating true stories, jealousy, relationships, moving to the UK, being a viable adult, parenthood, funny sex stories, how she got together with her husband and being a big farter.

Trigger warning – fertility issues, abortion, infidelity, sex

130. Alice Fraser - I was an odd kid, I’m still an odd grownup

Sofie talks to Alice Fraser about writing a trilogy of personal comedy shows, her unusual upbringing, her mother's illness and death, people pleasing, making trouble, having a grandmother who was a holocaust survivor, buddhism, moments of kindness, epigenetics and holding her identity loosely.

Trigger warning – bereavement, death, MS, cancer, the holocaust, violence against children, bullying, suicide, trauma

129. RoxXxan - It’s what I’ve been through, it’s not who I am

Sofie talks to RoxXxan about being a tomboy, navigating the music industry as a young gay rapper from Birmingham, experiencing homelessness, teaching spin class, the Jamaican Rastafarian and Irish Catholic parts of her heritage, spirituality, Crystals, astrology and her new music project: For Her

Trigger warning – homelessness, brief mention of someone else’s experience of child sexual abuse, trauma, slavery, racism, homophobia, violence, debt collection, depression, mental health issues, bereavement

128. Sameena Zehra - I’m quite homicidal but I’m a pacifist

Sofie talks to Sameena Zehra about non violence, imaginary worlds, imaginary friends, justice, tribalism, having a privileged upbringing, The Hunger Games, talking herself out of jobs, acting, dark fantasies, letting people in, honesty and stepping on Andrew Lloyd Webber’s foot.

Trigger warning – divorce, trauma, violence, war, refugees, parental/family violence, death, funerals, torture, emotional abuse

127. Kemah Bob - I threw a burrito at her

Sofie talks to Kemah Bob about finding out what she was fleeing from, therapy, healing, confronting people about childhood traumas, comedy, weed, majoring in theatre, navigating mental health services in central Texas and being a pansexual femme of colour.

Trigger warning – bipolar disorder, childhood trauma, emotional abuse and manipulation, mania, drug use, medication, depression, mental health institutions, hospitals, needles, self harm, social anxiety, psychosis

126. Chloe Petts - Zero boys being kissed

Sofie talks to Chloe Petts about resolutions, sadness, being a queer lesbian masculine woman, comedy, change, coming out, dealing with aggression on the street, vulnerability, the LOL Word, having amazing parents, football, homelessness outreach work and The Bishop of Borneo.

Trigger warning – street harassment/violence, hate crimes, panic, anxiety, social pressure, shame, homophobia, biphobia, breakups, homelessness