69. Jon Ronson - Falling apart in Cannes doesn't count

Sofie talks to writer, podcaster and storyteller Jon Ronson about phobias, mismanaging bands, being funny, the lasting impact of bullying, meeting an illegal atom-splitter, having a bad time in Cannes, mental illness and stigma, empathy and power, bespoke porn and dangerous situations.

68. Hadley Fraser - I'm probably emotionally slightly vague

Sofie talks to actor and musician Hadley Fraser about starring in Les Miserables and Young Frankenstein, the difference between performing drama and comedy, working with Ross Noble and Mel Brooks, how to cope when things go wrong, his daughter, being sheltered, writing theatre, being busy with good people and defining success.

67. Josie Long #2 - LIVE - Let's just harness the weirdness

In this first ever LIVE episode, Sofie talks to comedian, radio host and podcaster Josie Long about game-changing beauty tips, Dawson's Creek, sexism in comedy, concern trolling, “street racists”, being on The Island, how a show not working is like a badly fitting shirt, being in love, Gogglebox and the crushing conformity of public opinion.

TRIGGER WARNINGS: Discussion of threats of violence.

66. Hari Kondabolu - There is nothing wrong with the fetal position

Sofie talks to comedian, writer and podcaster Hari Kondabolu about not calling himself an Activist-Comedian, Intersectionality, the “choir” of agreement, The Problem with Apu, being a killjoy, having room to make mistakes on stage, making art while leading a balanced life, knowing your voice, working with refugees as an immigrants rights organiser, touring with Chris Rock, the bureaucracy of comedy and the pros and cons of making fun of Weezer.

65. Charlotte Cooper - People want to see fat bodies dancing

Sofie talks to psychotherapist and fat activist Charlotte Cooper about doing a PhD and turning it into a book, the influence of Punk, early fat feminists from the 60’s and 70’s, the importance of archives, the professionalisation of HAES, co-counselling, the Fattylympics, Michel Foucault, the meaning of self-care and Project Swagger.

64. Imriel Morgan - Ugh, people, ick

Sofie talks to podcaster, marketing co-ordinator and CEO of ShoutOut network Imriel Morgan about starting a podcast network for people who come from under-represented groups, Melanin Millenials, her new podcast Wanna Be, anthropology, slavery, respect for authority, drunk monkeys, the Haitian revolution and the Spice Girls.


63. Richard Osman - We’re maniacs, all of us

Sofie talks to producer, writer and co-host of Pointless, Richard Osman about crossing “the talent moat”, writing successes and failures, orbiting the earth, the illusion of being posh, fathers, flaws, barricade-shouters, building walls, Twitter and abuse, Identity politics and relationships with food.

TRIGGER WARNINGS: Eating disorders, self-harm.

62. Kelechi Okafor - We have to reclaim what is ours

Sofie talks to actress, personal trainer and pole/twerk instructor Kelechi Okafor about standing up for yourself, using the word “crazy” to subjugate women, reclaiming “bossy” and “strong”, the problem of unrelenting good vibes, the history of twerking, fad fitness, therapy and transcendent grief, going to Nigeria, affirmations and social media.

TRIGGER WARNINGS: Eating disorders, childhood abuse.

61. Scottee - Being a fat body is a political thing

Sofie talks to British artist and writer Scottee about bringing the conversation to people who don’t want to have it, Masculinity, infiltrating the male space, bravery, visibility in public spaces, the injustice bone, body positivity, the adoption process, the NHS and secret deals, the future of gender and addiction.

TRIGGER WARNINGS: Trauma and violence, homophobia, addiction.

60. Blair Imani - They took my Hijab away

Sofie talks to American activist and Executive Director of Equality for HER, Blair Imani about being a full-time activist, getting arrested, the media narrative surrounding the Black Panther movement and Black Lives Matter, the prison industrial complex, coping mechanisms, converting to Islam, death threats and safe spaces.

TRIGGER WARNINGS: Mention of Eating Disorders and Anorexia in Intro. Some mentions of Islamophobia in main interview.

58. Ofa Fotu - The revolution cannot happen without childcare

Sofie talks to Australian artist Ofa Fotu (aka Odette Mercy) about being part of the cast of Hot Brown Honey, hip-hop feminism, women of colour in theatre, activism and self-care, douchebag presenters, reclaiming negative spaces, performing for children and the importance of diversity in audiences.

57. Nazeem Hussain - You can't judge all gangsters

Sofie talks to Australian comedian Nazeem Hussain about giving people sleeping pills in airports, the Montreal and Melbourne comedy festivals, Australian politics, his mother the gangster, bullying, divorce, I’m a Celebrity Get me Out of Here, religion, dropping the yoghurt, death threats, multi-cultural gangs, kidnapping and remembering to laugh.

56. Shazia Mirza - Men cannot survive without women

Sofie talks to comedian Shazia Mirza about being on podcasts, Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls, patronising questions, being scared of cats, about feminism and inclusivity, being made aware of her religion and race, her parents, Islam, Atheist buses and the importance of different perspectives.

55. Sean Patton - Is this room bugged?

Sofie talks to American comedian Sean Patton about living in a flat with 6 other comics, dying on stage at the age of 73, drugs and OCD 2.0, being a double-agent for the resistance, freedom of speech, gas-lighting, Chris Titus’ Love is Evol, Star-signs, Pottermore quizzes and being a reformed “bro”.

54. Chris Grace - Eh, we're all going to be dead one day

Sofie talks to Los Angeles-based actor and improviser, Chris Grace about 50 Shades The Musical, Thrones The Musical, losing money to do Broad City, being an introvert, forging his Mom’s signature, cultural appropriation, loss and grief, rugby, joining the resistance as a graphic designer and acting without knowing.

53. Cat Pausé - Oh my god, you're that fat lady from TV

Sofie talks to scholar (PhD in Human Development and Senior Lecturer at Massey University), fat activist and professionally fat person Cat Pausé about why we don’t think fat people are worth fighting for, science slang, vanity research, the fat herring, light-bulb moments, dealing with the media and punching Nazis.

52. Scroobius Pip - This is the peak? This is awful.

Sofie talks to musician, spoken word poet and actor Scroobius Pip about casting a British Hamilton, embracing the fact that art is not a documentary, having a stutter, the taboo of discussing the crossover between good and bad, almost drowning as a kid and how it may have affected his outlook on death, feeling empathy for bullies and the importance of Hokusai: Old Man Crazy to Paint.

51. Anna Shaffer - Either you say nothing or you step the fuck up

Sofie talks to actress Anna Shaffer about “socking it to the man,” selfie filters, doing - or not doing drugs, pussy hats, being a woman in the nightlife, using social media as a platform, dating, Brené Brown, South Africa, Britishness, and - lots and lots of Love Island.

50. Kiri Pritchard-Mclean - Shut up, don’t talk about my body

Sofie talks to comedian Kiri Pritchard-Mclean about values in their stand-up work, what it is to be a good audience, the proper way to use a platform as a white feminist, losing weight, how your body impacts your comedy when you're a woman, bystander’s syndrome and politics.