86. Kate Willett - Solitude is great

Sofie and American stand-up comedian Kate Willett talk about the expectation of happiness, depression and anxiety, becoming self-compassionate, meditation, using the road to avoid putting down roots, comedy and connection, love and sex, the Tinder sprint, a possible future political run and the Trumpiness of Trump.

Trigger warning: Depression and anxiety

85. Trevor Dion Nicholas - Don't get me started on nude pooping

Sofie and West End Performer Trevor Dion Nicholas talk about moving to London and opening a brand new production of Aladdin, crying over chicken, the expectation to be 'strong', finding your niche, the hungry ego, performing other people's work vs. creating your own, musical snobbery and calling bullshit in the entertainment industry.

Artwork by Linda Brinkhaus

Jingle by Bailey Lenart

Produced by Sarah Garvey

A huge thanks to Phoenix Artist Club in London for letting me record my podcast and do my shows with them. Special thanks to Peter Dunbar.

84. Carly Findlay - Lots of people have been outraged on my behalf

Sofie and writer, speaker, activist and podcaster Carly Findlay talk about bad interviews, avoiding internet arguments, Carly’s work as the Access and Inclusion Officer at the Melbourne Fringe Festival, micro-aggressions against disabled people, You Can't Ask That, click bait, becoming more assertive, backlash from the disability community, switching off and a deep love for Savage Garden.

The audio from the interview Carly mentioned is here.

Trigger warning: Ableism

83. Mark Watson #2 - My brain is just chaos and screaming (Part Two)

Sofie and returning guest comedian Mark Watson plan a coup, write a sitcom and talk about the middle ground in politics, God and the existence of alien porn, patterns of failure, clinging to the rock and how negativity can become your comfort zone.

Trigger warning: Depression, Suicide.

82. Mark Watson #2 - You hacked at my face with a steak knife (Part one)

Sofie and returning guest comedian Mark Watson talk about cooking, multi-tasking, touring in Denmark, to airquote or not to airquote, being on Celebrity Island, psychological clutter, an astronaut's perspective, gratitude, masculinity and try to recreate the success of Mark’s first appearance on the podcast, which had nothing to do with the word ‘porn’ being in the title.

Trigger warning: Excessive drinking, Depression.

81. Jodie Mitchell (LIVE) - Blah, blah, blah. Gay, gay, gay.

Sofie talks to comedian Jodie Mitchell about being part of a drag king troupe, getting bigger laughs as a man, playing along the lines of gender, getting fucked over by a budgie, her terrifying Scottish mother, class and comedy, being homeless as a teenager, the importance of having your own space and the pressure of self-advancement.

80. Judi Love - I'm carrying a child and my mum's dying, you bitch

Sofie talks to comedian Judi Love about a very bad 2 weeks, social media, going to comedy school, being a single Mum, the black comedy circuit, leadership, being funny as a means of survival, making people happy, the ‘strong black woman’ and emotional wellbeing, going back to Uni, success, not segregating racists, giving relationship advice and finding a way of shouting without people realising you're shouting.

Trigger warning: Depression, grief, racism.

79. London Hughes - Society doesn't want you to shine

Sofie talks to comedian, TV presenter, writer and actress London Hughes about winning Funny Women with just 3 months comedy experience, the black comedy circuit, comedy roasts, knockbacks, Celebs go Dating, why you shouldn't get gastroenteritis for someone who isn't The One, the importance of free parking when it comes to relationships, the barrier between cute and sexy, being bullied, writing to Lenny Henry and being the black lead in an Apatow film.

Trigger warning: Bullying, depression.

78. Avery Edison #2 - Police aren't human, cops aren't human

Sofie talks to returning guest comedian, writer and sex worker Avery Edison about being transgender, feeling like a dinosaur, why “cops aren’t human”, restorative justice, what comedy and sex work have in common, bi-polar disorder, being sent to a men's prison in Canada, the difference between handcuffs and manacles, the Jamie Bulger case and removing emotion from the justice system.

Trigger warning: Imprisonment, suicidal thoughts.

77. Ola - Regress into my childhood real quick

Sofie talks to Ola The Comedian about why South Africa should be the new Edinburgh, private schools and privileged white boys, going from banker to standup, an unexpected connection between porn and comedy, the female-run cabal that ran his childhood, the luxury of a black and white perspective and a really weird gig in The Seychelles.

76. Lolly Adefope - What if you don't like me?

Sofie talks to writer, actor and comedian Lolly Adefope about playing up to expectations, race and reviews, Andrew Lawrence and “women posing as comedians”, who you are when you’re alone, fantasies and daydreams and being very cool when meeting Harry Styles. 

75. Stuart Saint - What's the point of you? (Part Two)

Sofie talks to writer and director Stuart Saint about dating while being HIV positive ,what it means to be “undetectable”, chemotherapy and misconceptions, PEP treatment, being starved of real reality, the laws of attraction and vibrational manifestation and being addicted to life.

TRIGGER WARNING: Discussion of serious illness (HIV, Cancer).

74. Stuart Saint - I didn't want to die (Part One)

Sofie talks to writer and director Stuart Saint about being diagnosed with HIV and Cancer, Five Star and Madonna being the inspiration for a career in dance, Armistead Maupin, the importance of representation, disagreeing with labels, the link between fear and rebellion and the need for better sex education.

TRIGGER WARNING: Discussion of serious illness (HIV, Cancer), Bullying

73. Dr. Cat Pausé #2 - I'm THAT that fat

Sofie talks to scholar and fat activist Dr. Cat Pausé about travelling Europe, fat activism, being a scholar, legal discrimination of fat people, science, authenticity and Hamilton.

72. Bisha K Ali #2 - LIVE - Hide all the feelings behind other feelings

Sofie talks to English comedian and writer Bisha K Ali about road rage, fancy cheese, the dangers of quitting smoking, being an 'under-cover self-harmer', trying not to negate your own feelings by comparing yourself to others, Brexit and dancing through hypotheticals,.

TRIGGER WARNING: Self-harm, Suicidal thoughts.

71. Zoe Coombs Marr - LIVE - I never want to be someone's wife

Sofie talks to Australian comedian and theatre-maker Zoë Coombs Marr about marrying "a gay dandy Tilda Swinton", political comedy, the trickiness of earnestness, lesbian separatists, a mirage-like cabin in the woods and her character Dave.

70. Felicity Ward #2 LIVE - Do you ever feel like you just gotta hold on?

Sofie talks to returning guest Australian comedian Felicity Ward about the perfect conversation, bad gigs, Lord Buckethead, a “pendulum” of a year, compulsive behaviour, language and curiosity, her sparse Youtube channel, dancing and most importantly – what a ‘dag’ is.

69. Jon Ronson - Falling apart in Cannes doesn't count

Sofie talks to writer, podcaster and storyteller Jon Ronson about phobias, mismanaging bands, being funny, the lasting impact of bullying, meeting an illegal atom-splitter, having a bad time in Cannes, mental illness and stigma, empathy and power, bespoke porn and dangerous situations.

68. Hadley Fraser - I'm probably emotionally slightly vague

Sofie talks to actor and musician Hadley Fraser about starring in Les Miserables and Young Frankenstein, the difference between performing drama and comedy, working with Ross Noble and Mel Brooks, how to cope when things go wrong, his daughter, being sheltered, writing theatre, being busy with good people and defining success.

67. Josie Long #2 - LIVE - Let's just harness the weirdness

In this first ever LIVE episode, Sofie talks to comedian, radio host and podcaster Josie Long about game-changing beauty tips, Dawson's Creek, sexism in comedy, concern trolling, “street racists”, being on The Island, how a show not working is like a badly fitting shirt, being in love, Gogglebox and the crushing conformity of public opinion.

TRIGGER WARNINGS: Discussion of threats of violence.