Comedian Felicity Ward on the universe, industry abusers and compulsive behaviour.

Felicity Ward is an Australian comedian who was once humbled by an interaction involving Boris Johnson. Now everything she does is preceded by a stream of consciousness footnote.

 She has an hour-long show, Live at the BBC, which is currently available on Netflix. 

On what’s new since she last came on the podcast in 2016:

“I have had a very big year. I did get married...It was so radical. I highly recommend it, if anyone’s thinking about doing it. Very, very good stuff.”

On tough times:

“I had a lot of really, really hard things and then it just kept coming from every angle. It was like personal and professional and happiness and everything bar my health was really copping it...Do you ever feel like you just gotta hold on every day?...You just gotta bend your knees and like, get ready for the next wave so you can eat that shit as well?”

On obsessive behaviour:

“I have a toilet thing, as I have discussed many times before. And when my anxiety was incredibly bad it sort of manifested itself in me compulsively going to the toilet. And I would go to the toilet and I would walk out and then I would have to walk back in the toilet. I’d literally be saying out loud ‘You’re crazy, there’s nothing else to come out’ but then my brain would go ‘Yeah, but maybe just once more...’”

On the universe:

“Maybe this is an absolute fantasy and I’m fully happy to accept that the universe is a fantasy. I’m happy that the reality is that everything is chaos. That there’s no order. That it’s random. I’m happy that that’s the reality. I can’t operate in that. So, for me, I operate in a universe where somewhere between the universe and my instincts offer some kind of guidance in my life and when I find that I’m well slept and well eaten and I meditate – I pray as well, I don’t know what I pray to but I just do the action of prayer – when I’m in those states that seems to me when I’m either making the best choices for myself or I’m able to deal with the world on its terms.”

On curiosity and learning:

“I had a voracious sort of thirst for knowledge when I was younger and I still like to think that I do but I don’t. I’m really lazy. I’m like ‘Oh, I wish I was still motivated’.“

On recent revelations of sexual abuse in the entertainment industry:

“The only thing I’m shocked about is that there have been consequences. That’s the shocking thing to me. It was not a shock that many of the people who have been outed – some of them I’ve heard rumours myself – but, you know, gossip is just gossip as well...It was when people started to lose jobs that I was like ‘Oh my God, is it happening’?!”

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Sofie Hagen